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Terry and I purchased our herd of commercial cows in March of 1996. These cows still influence our commercial herd today at the farm.

Riverside Angus began in 2004 with the purchase of the remaining Black Angus herd of the late Tom Hamilton, these 20 cows gave us our start in the Purebred Black Angus Industry. Over the next couple of years Terry and I went to dispersal sales slowly building our herd with additions from Rivercrest Angus, Crowefoot Angus, Happyvale Angus as well as Ebon Hill Angus. Several of the cows bought through these dispersals have become our foundation here at Riverside.

In the beginning we sold bulls off the farm, as our herd grew we needed another way to market our bulls which led to us joining the Cowboy's Kind Bull Sale in 2007. 

In 2008 we began our own sale partnered with River Rock Angus which has allowed us to promote our bulls through out central Alberta. We had 10 great years in that sale and were able to grow our name and bring better, more complete groups of bulls into town every year.

This year we are very excited to have our herd big enough to have our very own sale. We feel very proud of the group of bulls we have to offer this year. 

In the last 15 years we have concentrated on purchasing sires that will add performance to our herd and improve udders as well as feet and legs. Our cows must be able to move easily as we swath and corn graze the herd ahead of calving season (February 1st) every year.

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